video3x version 0.2 LGPL 3+

(c) 2011-2012 Vadim Druzhin

video3x (read as "video tricks") is a video filtering framework.

The 0.2 version contains next cartoon-oriented filters:

additional filters:

The program contains only video filtering functions, but no video compressors or decompressors. So, it must be used in conjunction with some other video processing application, like ffmpeg.

Source code: video3x-0.2.tar.gz (61060 bytes 07.02.2012)
Linux executables: video3x-0.2-linux.tar.gz (115284 bytes 07.02.2012)
Windows executables: (73325 bytes 07.02.2012)
Command line options: video3x-0.2-help.txt (11562 bytes 07.02.2012)
License: LGPL3.txt
(7816 bytes)
(35821 bytes)
Version history: CHANGELOG.txt (426 bytes)
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07 February 2012