sleid0r version 0.4 GPL 3+

sleid0r is a slideshow viwer and generator. It uses frei0r transitions (frei0r mixer plugins).

By default sleid0r displays a slideshow in a window using all images found at locations specified on the command line, using all suitable frei0r mixer plugins as transition effects. The images are searched recursively. If no options are specified, the slideshow will be displayed endlessly, until the window is closed or special control key is pressed.

Using command line options, the slideshow may be displayed in full screen mode, or saved as a set of .BMP files, or directed as raw RGBA video stream to stdout for further processing.

Source code: sleid0r-0.4.tar.gz (36734 bytes 07.02.2015)
Linux packages (OBS): Debian, Fedora, openSUSE, Ubuntu  
License: GPL3.txt (35821 bytes)

Slideshow sample

This file was generated with the command:

sleid0r -i flowers.lst -s -S -d 1 -t 1 -g 512x288 -r 25 -o - | \
ffmpeg -f rawvideo -video_size 512x288 -r 25 -pix_fmt rgba -i pipe: -codec:v libvpx -qmin 16 -qmax 16 flowers.webm

Control keys

Usage examples

sleid0r .
- permanently display a slideshow using all images from the current directory (including subdirectories).

sleid0r -e 'wipe-*' -o ~/frames/ *.jpg
- generate a set of BMP files from JPEG images using all 'wipe' transitions.

sleid0r -i images.lst -g 768x576 -r 25 -o - | \
ffmpeg -f rawvideo -video_size 768x576 -r 25 -pix_fmt rgba -i pipe: -target dvd -aspect 4:3 show.mpg
- generate the MPEG2 slideshow 'show.mpg' from the images listed in 'images.lst'.

08 February 2015