sleid0r-effects version 0.1 LGPL 3+

sleid0r-effects is a collection of frei0r transition effects (frei0r mixer plugins) suitable for a slideshow. It was developed for usage with sleid0r, but may be used with any frei0r compatible video editing software.

Collection contains a set of 'push', 'slide' and 'wipe' effects.

Source code: sleid0r-effects-0.1.tar.gz (20351 bytes 07.08.2013)
Linux packages (OBS): Debian_7.0, Fedora_17, Fedora_18, Fedora_19, SLE_11_SP2, openSUSE_12.2, openSUSE_12.3, xUbuntu_12.04, xUbuntu_13.04  
License: LGPL3.txt (7816 bytes)
  GPL3.txt (35821 bytes)


push-down push-left push-right push-up


slide-down slide-left slide-right slide-up


wipe-down wipe-left wipe-right wipe-up
wipe-barn-door-h wipe-barn-door-v wipe-rect wipe-circle

07 August 2013