fictionup version 0.2.1 GPL 3+

fictionup is a command line markdown to FB2 converter. It supports a limited set of FB2 meta information tags, which are required to produce valid documents.

FB2 meta information must be provided using YAML data blocks in a markdown document or by '-m' command line switch. YAML data block starts with the line containing '---' (exactly 3 minus signs) and ends with the similarly formatted line or with '...' (exactly 3 dots).

This converter can compress the resulting file into the archive.

Meta information example

Title: The Book
Author: A. Writer
Year: 2019
Annotation: This book is awesome!
Cover: cover.jpg
Series: [The Complete Collection, 1]
fb2-author: B. Converter
fb2-id: doc-002
fb2-version: 1.0
fb2-date: 2019

Document examples

Markdown example Converted FB2

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Older versions:
Source code:  fictionup-0.1.tar.gz  (322407 bytes 15.12.2017)
Source code:  fictionup-0.2.tar.gz  (375606 bytes 05.05.2019)

11 September 2019